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Our Company establish at Hai Kou, province of Hai Nan in 1988. Designed "Li Shen coffee factory", "Mei Lan airport", "New Continent motorcycle office building", "Nan Zhang hotel", "Hai Kou Wen Hua hotel", "New Hot Spring hotel", "Fu Hao hotel", "Guo Tai hotel", "Fu Yuan hote"l, "Cao Tang restaurant", "China Unicom" etc. also, produced heading animation for Hai Nan and Hai Kou TV station for shows "Music Fashion", "Sea Island Investment", "sea Island Records".
In 1995, as a leading company to use designing software "DS3DS". And, opened an animation educate school which the first and only one that approved by provincial education department.

In 1997, cooperated with Tian Jin University Press, published the earliest professional internal 3D building models disk. Which selected as the top three application software produce of the year in China.
In 1998, the company moved to Shanghai. Designed "Beijing RD Dong Yin building", "Nanjing RD Ju Wei commercial centre", "Shanghai Science and Technology Museum; Land Discover", "Xu Jia Hui Fashion Line street", "Shanghai Hong Kong Ming Dian street", "Tai Shang Huang Guan club", "NO. 6 club", "Kai Xuan RD creative animation park", "Wu Yi creation street", "Fu Ming RD", "Yang Jia Ming Ren restaurant", "Shanghai Wan Zi Qian Hong Kong night club", "Zhang Jiang technology park office" etc.

From 2005, the company came to Macau, focused on animation produce on Macau World Heritage sites.
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